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SEG Fabric Free-Standing Light box

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Author : Daisy
Update time : 2021-07-22 17:24:48

SEG Fabric Free-Standing Light box – Make your message clearly

stand out with these vibrant backlit displays

Our free-standing backlit systems consist of an aluminium extrusion frame kit and a SEG tension fabric graphic. The frame is 100mm thick for the standard and 120mm thick for the premium and comes with stabilising feet.

The fabric graphic is printed using a dye-sublimation process onto 310gsm Backlit Polyester. This process gives the image great vibrancy and is finished with a silicone edging (kedar). The graphic is then slotted into the aluminium channel and tensioned around the edge.

The result is a beautifully-finished, vibrant and seamless solution. Perfect for store all manner of applications including displays and exhibitions. Graphics are easily replaceable by existing ground staff, negating the need for skilled installers.