17mm non-lit ultra thin seg fabric frame aluminium profile for light box frame
17mm single side aluminum frame, is ultra thin frame with non-lit design. Often used for photo picture frame light box and advertising display.
promotional 48mm thickness aluminium fabric frame profile for light box
promotional 48mm depth aluminium fabric frame profile is especially used for indoor fabric light box,with low-cost price can get high quality fabric frame profile product. rose@gzhbm.com.cn
aluminium profile manufacturers fabric light box frame
98MM depth fabric light box frame is our factory newest design,hot sale fabric light box aluminum profile.The first reason for our customers to choose this item is for the reasonable price and high quality product.
78mm custom aluminum extrusion profile for light boxes
78mm seg frame extrusions aluminium lightbox profile,especially used for fabric light box advertising display. With 1.4mm thickness,stable and strong structure,frameless design,make your ad catch people's eyes.
Non-lit aluminum profile 17mm frameless textile frame for advertising light box
17mm depth single side aluminum frame, is often used for advertising fabric light box. Frameless anodised aluminium extrusion, silver color, ultra thin design non-lit poster frame.
Tension textile aluminum profile single side 100mm frameless aluminum SEG frame
100mm frameless fabric aluminum profile is designed according to the application of mechanics and aesthetics, when the light box is working, it can make full use of light ,whether back-lit LED or edge-Iit LED.
high quality led poster picture frame 25mm 35mm 2 side uses frameless aluminium extrusion profile
This single side aluminum frame can be used with 25mm and 35mm two thickness to produce the fabric light box. LED light or non-lit design is available. LED poster picture photo frame is mostly wall mounted advertising display.
2021 New design wholesale led backlit light box aluminium fabric frame
58mm depth single side aluminum frame is often used for advertising fabric light box which is showed  not only in the beauty/clothes/decorations shopping mall etc brands but also in the exhibition floor stand display
2021 New design 3mm wall thickness frameless led light box display aluminum extrusion frame profile only backlit slim banner frame
40mm indoor light box can be changed graphic easily by pushing a rubber edge into a channel simply in the aluminum frame. led backlit display banner for ourdoor, but install the waterproof led and adapter
Factory Textile Light Box Aluminum SEG Frame Profile for shopping mall
120mm customized seg fabric aluminum profile extrusion led backlit or edge-lit box profile, is widely use to decaration,shopping mall,metro and so on.
65mm seg fabric frame light box frame aluminium profile for lightbox frame
Single side 65mm fabric lightbox extrusion aluminum profile frame,is often used in advertising fabric light box which advertises not only for the beauty/clothes/decorations and shopping mall etc brands,but also for the exhibition display.
120mm customized seg fabric profile extrusion led backlit or edge-lit light box profile
120mm customized seg fabric profile extrusion led backlit or edge-lit box profile, is widely use to decaration,shopping mall,metro and so on.