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Light Box

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Author : Daisy
Update time : 2021-05-22 17:23:06
The light box is simply a billboard and a form of advertising logo. Advertising, at most commercial posters, light boxes have existed for a long time in the advertising industry , it is a kind of advertising equipment that replaces the old posters. Until now, from ultra-thin light box to the current fabric led light box .The light box has also undergone several updates!

   The ultra-thin light box is the first light box advertisement to replace the paper poster. It is also called LED light box, including aluminum ultra-thin light box and crystal light box. The ultra-thin light box is still used in many commercial places. This advertising device is durable and Energy saving , most commonly used in ordering and price tags in restaurants. Because the maximum size of the ultra-thin light box can only be 1.2 * 2.4 meters, and there is a frame limit, so from 2017, the fabric led light box has become popular, and the fabric led light box is also available in ultra-thin models, it has energy-saving light boxes with lights and the poster frame without lights, the types are single-sided fabric lightbox and double-sided lightbox (window advertising light box) because its size is not limited, and it is 100% display advertising, visual is not limited! textile light boxes are available in commercial apparel stores, jewelry stores, and other major shopping malls, because he is not only an advertisement that can enhance brand efficiency, it can also be used as a background wall to decorate the entire store, enhance the brand style, textile light box generally used indoors.
So what is the use of outdoor large-scale advertising?The answer is fabric light box, fabric light box is specially customized for large outdoor advertising, large size can be 200-300 square meters / piece, fabric light box can be used indoor and outdoor, such as: subway, high-speed rail, airport advertising, and large-scale supermarket outdoor advertising commonly used models, whether it is outdoor spread light boxes, or indoor spread light boxes, have good advertising effects.
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