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Aluminium Alloy Circular Frame

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Update time : 2021-06-07 16:32:10
                                                                                 Aluminium Alloy Circular Frame
Aluminum alloy circular frame is a kind of aluminum alloy profile bent into a circular frame, this metal circular frame is the main material of making decorative frame, oil painting frame, intelligent frame, round structure represents the complete, reunion and other mood, so now the circular frame in home decoration and hotel decoration application is wide, European modern decorative painting scene makes home life very comfortable, generally in the living room wall painting, bedroom frame decoration application more.

Aluminum alloy round frame process is to use metal wire, deep wire process so that the texture of the border to play the most vivid, it appears high-grade! Narrow edge of the border design, but also in line with the current exquisite decoration of life, in addition to aluminum alloy material frame than the general wooden frame and PS photo frame more durable, it can be waterproof and anti-corrosion and moth-proof, and aluminum alloy material color for a long time, will not appear old! This frame is also easy to manage, does not rust, metal wire process is the main element of the current popular.
Round aluminum frame can be customized according to customer requirements a variety of sizes, from 25mm diameter to 1000mm diameter, different diameters of the circular frame with decoration, more layered sense, but also because of this, the circular frame in the home decoration and hotel decoration and painting exhibition industry popular.