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LED dynamic light box

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Update time : 2021-05-08 14:31:02
                                                                                    LED dynamic light box
The dynamic light box uses digital programming technology, edits the program according to the light and dark of the advertising screen through the LED light effect, writes the dynamic screen program into the TF card, and controls the LED lights on, off, on, off, and off to make the static advertisement The picture achieves a dynamic effect. This dynamic light box is very popular now. It can change the picture at any time, program at any time, and reuse it. Different advertising pictures achieve different visual effects. It is also because of the dynamic advertisement, so it is extremely easy to attract consumption Eyeballs.
New advertising, visual feast, let your brand move!
The advantages of dynamic light box:
1. Smart flashing light board
Huibaimei's dynamic boxing light board can be combined with diy light effect of the screen, LED programming technology and today's fashionable large and wide cloth light box advertising technology, which can effectively and accurately control the single light on, bright, dark, and off It produces dynamic special effects of personalized light effect and light and shadow rhythm. The LED lamp board uses high-density lamp beads to make the flashing effect of the lamp shrink more detailed.
2. High cost performance
High-precision IC controller, one-time investment, long-term benefits! The overall cost is low, the light box can be reused, only need to re-enter the programming through the USB broadcast port on the chip when changing the screen. Both stylish and environmentally friendly.
3. Creative dynamic
The dynamic light box adopts programming technology, combined with various lighting effects such as gradation, light and dark, speed, etc. in the screen, so that the print advertising screen can get the impact effect like animation video.
4. Intelligent integration
You can creatively design a multi-subject advertising picture "unified" display, advertising intelligent integration display, diversified display, more creative, higher efficiency!
5. High-quality materials + new technology
Professional new LED open board technology, the lighting efficiency utilization rate reaches 99.9%, the use of imported LED light source is stronger and more stable!
fast and convenient.
7. Energy saving and environmental protection, stronger and more stable!
Brand-new technology develops LED lamp board, encrypts LED lamp spacing, LED lamp board is controlled by imported IC and other electronic components, brighter, stronger and more stable, very durable, stable performance, long life!