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Advertising Wall Light Box

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Author : Daisy
Update time : 2021-04-23 16:05:35
        There are many kinds of light boxes now, all kinds of colorful, these colorful light boxes have added a bit of color to the city, but the main role of light box advertising is to convey information to consumers. 
        The advertising light box is very good for transmitting information. Because it is borderless, the entire picture can be displayed 100%. The visual effect brought by it is very shocking. 
        The main thing is that it has no size restrictions. How can such a large-scale "tyrant screen" hit consumers' eyes in seconds? The size of the general light box is limited, and it cannot be made large. The fabric led light box is different. The size of the textile light box is not limited. 
         The large screen advertisement is a popular element now, so the textile light box is now in the commercial advertising store Advertisements and catering signs have applications.