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Advantage of HBM alloy aluminium profile extrusions

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Update time : 2021-08-12 17:23:22
                                                           Advantage of HBM alloy aluminium profile extrusions

Huibaimei large light box frame production plant, with a group of 12 years of experience in professional engineering design team, to ensure the unique and unique design of each aluminium sign extrusions, and to provide you with efficient, high-quality, professional, cost-effective products and services. Product technology is good, light box aluminum profile production standards are environmental protection production, to ensure the stability and safety of supply

aluminium profile SEG frame is the main frame material of textile light box.The finished products are mainly used in clothing, catering, cosmetics stores, museums and other indoor advertising public welfare culture publicity places, mainly with 100% display screen advertising content;
light box aluminum profile adopts international 6063 international aluminum alloy material, the surface is processed by anodic oxidation process, embedded or standard wall hanging installation, can make the whole scene rich and colorful, highlighting the luxury and noble brand.