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what is Dye Sublimation Fabric Printing

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Update time : 2019-01-02 16:52:21
Graphic installations and custom tensile fixtures will transform and give identity to environments of all kinds, with ease and economy. Print stunning color in high definition detail on a broad selection of fabrics with our dye sublimation transfer printing process.

Exactly what is dye sublimation transfer printing you may ask? Dye sublimation transfer printing starts with an inkjet print created on transfer paper. What is special about this process is the way the image is transferred and resultant product. The polyester fabric is heated up, almost to the melting point. The fibers are extremely porous and open, receptive to the inks which travel across in a gas state. The dyes in a gaseous state are trapped and sealed into the fibers when cooled. The process is called entrapment. The resultant product, called FABRIC GRAPHICS, is durable and even washable. The colors of a fabric graphic are saturate and vivid. The detail is sharp, especially when viewed at the appropriate viewing distance. We transfer to 10’ fabric rolls by virtually any length. This process makes short runs of digitally printed custom fabric accessible to the masses.
HBM light box
There is a diverse variety of different weaves on which to print, from the opaque to the very sheer; all serving a variety of purposes. The product has good shelf life, is lightweight, and endures handling, shipping and installation well. The actual installation is a breeze when it comes to SEG framing, especially with our FabEze framing system. A silicone gasket, sewn into the fabrics edge, and a specialty framing system makes installation easy.
HBM company can do the fabric poster. 

this is case for light box
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