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what is backlit light box

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Update time : 2019-03-07 18:00:24
                    what is backlit light box ?

   The backlit light box is very popular with many customers. it is often use to outdoor, also can use to indoor but if you want to more brightness indoor becasue this structure allows the backlit graphic frame to be highly visible and has a more evenly distributed light intensity throughout the frame. the people like the backlit light box.

       1, HBM backlit light boxes brightness more than edge-lit light box  , causing them to use more energy than indirect or edge-lit light boxes
        2, About the big light box: the cost is less than edge-lit light box
for exmaple: 
       1,fabric light box with 2835model led light: the bean angle is 120degree, the brightness feature is different. according to the deep of aluminum frame, determine the distance between the lights. 

 fabric light box
       2, fabric light box with diiffuce reflection 3030 model: the bean angle is 170 degree. if you use to 80mm frame, the space is 12-13cm according to the Brightness requirement
 fabric light box