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How is the fabric light box installation

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Update time : 2020-10-13 10:27:34
                                                                        How is the fabric light box installation
Fabric light box is composed of aluminum alloy frame and then split up combining print cloth, light source combined a can attract consumers a sign advertising, light boxes of appear to solve the problem of the limited size of ultra-thin light boxes, ultra-thin light box can achieve 2.4 meters, maximum size and fabric light box can do 3 meters to 6 meters, even larger, light boxes, the greater the installation has become a problem, so the fabric light box  is how to install? Due to fabric light box is large, light weight, so send best beauty fabric light box manufacturer will suggest the customer remove the packing and shipping, and aluminum, accessories, and the canvas is separate packaging transportation, thus can greatly reduce the transportation cost, both to avoid damage in transit, finally because after separating good handling, installation, let's tell me the installation process light boxes of concrete.
     The first case: the assembled lab light box (for some of the relatively small size light box customers will choose assembled again shipment), the small size of the installation is simple, first ready to drill and cross knife, and then determine the position of the good installation, the installation of the wall/plane body punch 2 hole, then hang on lab light box.
     The second case: unassembled fabric light box (large fabric light box), pre-installation preparation: equipped with professional or engineering personnel 2-5 people, ready tools (drill, cross screwdriver, etc.); Installation step 1: let the four borders of the fabric light box be pieced together, step 2: determine the location of the installation in the wall to make good four holes. Step 3: play two screws above the light box and hang the whole light box on the wall (there are two hooks above the light box), and then play screws below the light box together with the back plate to fix the box body; Step 4: determine the mounting picture after stabilization (the picture can be used to determine the actual situation of mounting the wall or mounting the wall after installation). If it is a soft film canvas, different measures can be adopted in different areas, and air duct or lighting can be used to assist (because the canvas has flexibility).