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fabric frameless led light box

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Update time : 2021-03-11 14:09:06
                                   fabric frameless led light box
abric frameless led light box
 main function is 100% can display the contents of advertisements, from the picture to the light source integration design, integration and scenes show to past crowds and experience into the environment and integration, finally will advertising brand implant each consumer crowd, achieve the goal of promotion our fabric led light box contrast  market with our unique competitive advantage.
15mm deep u-shaped "inverted serrated" card slot design, easy to install but not easy to "loose" off, the picture is more compact and beautiful installation.Engineering mechanical design plus "double corner code", fixed and pieced right angles, highly consistent to make the splice smooth "seamless"The use of high energy saving LED diffuse reflection light source, restore the most real color of the picture, to achieve the integration of the scene and advertising, and environmental protection and energy saving.
indoor advertising fabric light box frame standard color for aluminum primary colors, in line with the popular project need, it also can according to the need of different engineering installation environment customization (according to the customer incoming sample custom, or provide color ), process according to the number of customers to spray powder spraying process, such as color, we do a more comprehensive, in order to provide more convenient for you.
Advertising fabric light boxes in each big stores and shopping malls are very popular, a lot of clothes shops, restaurants, jewelry shop window will mount fabric led light box , can quickly attract the attention of pedestrians, the brand advertising implanted consumer crowd, the other light boxes, were decorated by the many shops fabric led light box background wall, make store metope adornment effect more.