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Congratulations to HBM won the "new and high technology enterprises" honorary

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Update time : 2018-01-06 14:27:25
We HBM has been harvested in past 2017. Not only sale outstanding achievement grew, but also to get the "new and high technology enterprises"honorary. it proves that we have progressed. 
According to the relevant provisions of the State new and high technology enterprises with good results in export business may be granted the right to handleforeign trade transactions. And banks shall give an active support to new and high technology enterprises and do their best to provide enterprises with funds needed for their development,production and construction.

In accordance with requirements specified in Article 5 of these Measures, make regular inspections on new and hightechnology enterprises. We believe that we will do better and stronger i
n future, do our best to develop high quality products and service our customers well. 

2018, we are waiting  to meet you~