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Brushed Aluminum Photo Frame

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Update time : 2019-07-30 17:35:19
Brushed Aluminum Photo Frame
In the year of 2019, HBM manufacturer  has launched a new product of aluminum bushed photo picture frame. As soon as the product was launched, it was well received by customers.

Our aluminum photo picture frame with 11 models for option,depth from 20mm to 35mm for choice. The picture frames is environment-friendly with different sizes and costumed-sized is available. The picture frames have a broad application like hotel, mall and home decoration and certificate or license sealing and advertisement in subway, bank and corridor. 

Our aluminum photo picture frame with 11 colors for your option,matte and glossy for your choice. Black,Silver,Gold,Champagne,Gray,can meet the customer’s various color requirements.The most important thing is our aluminum photo frame not only produced with high quality 6063 natioanl standard brushed aluminium, but also with favorable price.

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