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8*10ft 160mm double side light box for shop or exhibition

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Update time : 2021-11-06 11:17:32
                                                                                            8*10ft 160mm double side light box for shop or exhibition 
This is 160mm alloy aluminum profile SEG textile light box . 3535 edge lit side light box with inside power supply. custom different image to print by Heat transfer machine

The advanced technology of the new SEG modular light box system combines innovation. SEG lightbox requires no tools at all and is designed to help improve your display experience. The DC connector lights up the UL-certified LED lights pre-installed in the profile. The wires are hidden out of sight. Edge-to-edge customizable SEG backlit fabric graphics cover the front and back of the aluminum frame. Portable, configurable and ideal, SEG frame is a light box different from other light boxes. SEG light boxis well thought out, and even its durable wooden boxes are uniquely designed to protect all parts and parts and keep them in order.