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HBMC-80 light box used in Clothing Shop
Currently,fabric light box is more and more popular in advertising field. Many people choose it to advertising their products for its fashionable appearance ,energy-saving system and durable high quality.
red color anodise aluminum profile frame backlit textile fabric light box indoor
120mm single side fabric light box: size: 1200*700mm led light: 3030model backlit meanwell power supply poster: uv printing textile aluminum profile : 120mm thicknes, 1.8mm wall thickness
120mm depth aluminum frame edgelit lightbox for clothing chain stores
120mm frameless fabric light box with edge-lit led3535 or back-lit led 3030 are all suitable for this type fabric light box. it is use to decaration,shopping mall,metro and so on
shopping mall promotion used slim 80mm hanging double sided fabric light box
This fabric light box is used for light-fixture stores promotion advertising display in Australia. Hanging type with two sided fabric face advertisement display. 
80mm single seg frameless fabric lightbox extrusion backlit lightbox
2018 new 80mm textile fabric light box, is used for indoor wall decoration and advertising display. Frameless frame,custom sizes and backlit LED sourcing, can display with wall mounted, ceiling hanging and standing as your requirement.
outdoor waterproof wall-mounted textile light box
outdoor waterproof textile light box,usually used for external wall of the building. Thicken aluminum profile designed by our professional engineer,stable and powerful , no-distortion,let the engineer buyers no need to worry about the risk.
30MM black color single side aluminum profile frame slim light box without led light
30mm black color light box for shopping mall size: 3670*760mm light box leg light: no poster: HD textile poster power supply: no
100mm waterproof aluminum profile backlit outdoor light box
Aluminum profile of this light box,is specially designed for outdoor large engineering advertising light box. our customer use for metro, railway station
Super market frameless backlit fabric light box with tension fabric poster
Fabric Light Box series provides bright and even illumination for large graphic prints applied as wall mounted, hanging, or freestanding marketing solutions. The frameless appearance of our Fabric Light Boxes creates a sleek and modern look that allows fo
Ultra Slim LGP aluminum frame fabric light box for sleep industry
Size: A2(420*594mm) ​​​​​​​frame depth:30mm poster:HD heat transfer pringting textile backlit: LGP wall mounted/hanging
2018 new product double face framless aluminum profile backlit fabric light box for ourdoor
aluminum profile: HBMCD-120 double sided frame led light: backlit light (double face) poster: waterproof alloy floor stand
120mm large size waterproof outdoor advertising led backlit light box,business billboard sign display
light box size: 12460*5200mm outdoor waterproof light box backlit: waterproof 3030 Diffuse reflection light strip HD printing poster wall mounted: screws hanging
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