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Outdoor advertising 100mm front open aluminum Side-snap fabric light box
Snap frame fabric light box mainly used for outdoor engineering project, products size can be over 6 meter, will not distortion, normally choose back-lit led2835 and led5050 for lighting, color temperature can be customized as customer's requirement, snap
Custom size and shape 45mm aluminum material double sided fabric frameless thin light box
  45mm double side frameless light box it will be the advertising frame of non-lighted fabric light box and it is usually used in indoor shops and window advertising to double side display
Tradeshow fabric light box 78mm double sided no lighting exhibition booth light box
78mm double side fabric aluminum frame  is usually used in counter and show window,bank and public-service ads in the form of no lighting double side display.In addition, it can be installed with small size edge-lit LED to lighting display.
150mm double sided edgelit LED3535 aluminum frame exhibition light box with 3P fabric / UV
150mm double side LED light box is mainly used in counter shopwindow advertising display , brand stores advertising signboard and large exhibition decoration. 
Outdoor advertising light box 120mm side-snap aluminum frame LED fabric lightbox
Side open fabric light box can be 100% fully display the advertisement, it looks frameless from the front side, can be used for indoor or outdoor(waterproof), this kind of light box include aluminum profile, led, backpanel and poster.
30mm Aluminum Fabric Frame LED Slim Light Box With LGP
30mm ultra-thin fabric light box is cost-effective for indoor advertisement light box, this special design aluminum frame always use light guide panel for lighting, led rigid strips can be easy to insert in the aluminum frame. Always used for cinema, shop
2017 popular 6.5CM back-lit led3030 advertising frameless fabric light box
65mm frameless fabric light box with 2017 new design thicken aluminum profile, back-lit led 3030 and led2835 all suitable for this type fabric light box. HD textile fabric poster printing. HBMC-65 always used for club, shopping mall etc.
shopping mall aluminum frameless signboard indoor LED edgelit and backlit fabric light box
100mm frameless fabric light box made of 2017 new design thicken aluminum profile, back-lit led and edge-lit led are all suitable for this type fabric light box. HD textile fabric poster printing. It is always used for shopping mall, mobile phone st
wall mounted advertising billboard display, silicone edge led menu board, picture aluminium profiles textile lightbox
40mm slim fabric light box is the most popular advertisement display at 2016,which is with the ultra thin aluminum frame design and top quality diffused LED backlit strip.
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